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MUM’S JOY 50 years to FIND MY GIRL
Sitting in class, I felt a strong kick inside my belly. Aged 14, I was five months pregnant – and too terrified to tell my parents. With me and my eight siblings to look after, they’d been too busy to notice my growing tummy. ‘Why don’t we just run a
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Born with HALF A HEART
As two strong blue lines appeared on the pregnancy test, I barely reacted. ‘It must be a false positive,’ I shrugged to my partner Michael, 36. ‘I’ll go to the doctor for a check-up.’ There was just no way I could be pregnant... I’d been diagnosed wi
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Peyo might have hung up his competitive horseshoes, but this 15-year-old stallion has a much more important role, helping cancer patients at Calais Hospital. Scientists are currently studying Peyo’s ability to reduce patients’ anxiety and comfort peo