or a , this magazine has served as an official voice of fashion, beginning as the house organ of French, was already in 3 languages—French, English, and Spanish, and today, exists in more than . With a specific focus on the way we dress and on what fashion creates, has survived multiple revolutions and one World War, never ceasing publication during global turmoil or crises. Deploying the technology of the moment—from illustration to photography, film to Instagram and video—its mission has always been to reflect on the culture of fashion with an eye to the past, and a vision for the In our fast- world, we want to bring back an honest, direct look at fashion, and to foster a constructive, respectful dialogue across cultures and continents, races and genders. This special global section of wants to celebrate fashion with decency and a lack of pretension, starting with questioning what French style stands for in a cosmopolitan culture. To focus not on what divides us, but rather on what unites us.

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Menelik PURYEAR PHOTOGRAPHER “Off Site” “We really wanted to work on something that captured the urban diaspora to the country and the new relaxed sense of the city.” David THIELEBEULE STYLIST “Off Site” “This story celebrates originality. Why not we
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Breaking THROUGH
In Cité Internationale des Arts’ austere and derelict modernist building in Paris, which sits beside the perfectly squared French garden of the Hôtel de Sens, Bianca Bondi set up vases and amphora-like vessels in a small sink in the corner of a wet r
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Castillon, France, founded in 2018 “The Côte d’Azur has always had an interesting art scene but one that is almost strictly institutional,” explains collector and advisor Maria-Theresia Pongracz. “I launched Castel Caramel because I wanted to add a l