Pierre & Simon

We find ourselves in Provence, comfortably seated at the Café de Sade, in the company of Pierre Cardin, 98 years old, owner of the property and still the active doyen of French fashion, and next to him, Simon Porte Jacquemus, 30 years old, young and at the top of the class, eagerly reclaiming the master’s influence. What brings them together, today and over time, is a willingness to create while living in worlds apart, with a rebellious ability to emancipate themselves by bypassing paths previously traced.

Worlds apart, both men are much like the high-perched Lacoste castle: A chiseled stone punctuation erected by the legendary Marquis de Sade, both a refuge and an eagle’s nest over the vast domain, dominating the scenery with breathtaking views of the Lubéron massif. Cardin purchased the property, along with a large part of the precipitous village clinging to the hillside. Today, when coming to greet us, he exited his lair driven by his chauffeur, as if crossing the corridors of time

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