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Finding different ways to paint the same subject is a great way to exercise any ideas you may have rolling around your creative brain.

I’ve also found it a good way of figuring out which path you want to take with your work going forward, as you can easily gauge which process you found most enjoyable.

For this feature I’ll be painting a pineapple in five different ways and providing thoughts on which, for me, were the most fun, effective or time-consuming approaches. I’m working in acrylics throughout and I initially planned to paint the same image, but I quickly realised that the way I was composing, lighting or even slicing the pineapple was also an important part of the process.

In fact, once my imagination was fired up, lots of ideas started flooding in. So, although I’m limiting this exercise to five, you may find these ideas provide springboards onto plenty of others. Enjoy that process and roll

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