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UK/US Apple+, streaming now ▶ Showrunner Fede Álvarez ▶ Cast Karen Gillan, Pedro Pascal, Aaron-Taylor Johnson, Aubrey Plaza EPISODES 1.01-1.09 It’s debatable whether Calls should be on television at all. Adapted from a popular French web-series, it’s
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2000 Ad
183 minutes/213 minutes/167 minutes/117 minutes/139 minutes | Download ▶ Publisher Penguin Random House Audio AUDIO DRAMA There have been audio adaptations of 2000 AD stories before, but these five – the first of a new range from Penguin Random House
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American Duty
SCI-FACT! In comics, Baron Zemo is one of Captain America’s greatest WW2 foes, but he never appeared in the original 1940s stories. NOW STREAMING ON DISNEY+, THE FALCON And The Winter Soldier sees Marvel’s Phase Four kick into political thriller mode