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LETTER from the Editor

I TOOK A FLIGHT IN SEPTEMBER, my first in nearly six months. It wasn’t a long journey, but the sheer excitement of experiencing what everybody is calling the new normal sunk in. And yes, I felt safe. According to the latest report of International

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LETTER From The Editor
WITH THE YEAR 2020 behind us, there’s no better time than now to look forward to a new beginning. 2021 is a year that we hope will bring more meaningful travels and a sense of rejuvenation to our readers. This year, Travel + Leisure India & South Asi
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Natural Sophistication
ON MY LAST TRIP to France’s Loire Valley, back in March 2019, I did something I’d never done before: I visited several châteaux. The statement sounds ridiculous because castles are as common in the region as grains of sand on a beach—it’s hard to not
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Over Hill, Over Dale
WHEN THE GOOD people of Yorkshire call their region “God’s own country,” as they have for centuries, it conveys several meanings. One carries a hint of smugness: these are among the most county-proud citizens in all of England. Another meaning, only