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Hello! How did you first start out in design and illustration? First, I completed a design degree, where I was able to experiment with image-making, typography, film, photography and animation. It was totally computer-free (!) and after I graduated I landed a full-time position in a design agency. From there, I became a creative director with a focus on brand creation and campaign

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On The Job
I basically know every bellringer in Sydney – there are only 200 of us. I’ve been bellringing at churches for 18 years now. A lot of people think it’s a Hunchback of Notre Dame-style thing where I pull on a rope and hold on and it’s quite simple and
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The Write Stuff
I have a confession. I never got my pen licence. My handwriting was, and remains, abysmal. Somehow, probably due to poor teacher-to-student ratios in Queensland, I got away with using pens anyway. Screw the system, right? One of the first pens I year
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Great Expectations
There is no aspect of my personality that anyone could describe as chill. No one in the history of the universe has ever said the words, “Sam won’t mind if the plans change, she’ll just go with the flow.” All power to those calm enough to ‘go where t