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Hello! How did you first start out in design and illustration? First, I completed a design degree, where I was able to experiment with image-making, typography, film, photography and animation. It was totally computer-free (!) and after I graduated I landed a full-time position in a design agency. From there, I became a creative director with a focus on brand creation and campaign

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Once Upon A Time We Went On A Road Trip Around Iceland.
It was an otherworldly experience – every hour of driving brought forth a totally new terrain, from snow-topped mountain peaks to moss-covered lava fields and vast, uninhabited plateaux. One day, we stopped to watch water shoot up out of the ground (
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On The Job
I got into empathy education as part of an accidental career pivot. My background is in public health, and for about a decade, I’d been doing sexual-health education work. Then, in my personal life, I had an enormous disruptive shift. I went from hav
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