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Remembering Jagjit Singh: The singer who made ghazals accessible to everyone

There are singers and then there is Jagjit Singh, who remained a perfectionist till his untimely death on October 10, 2011.

I saw his work ethic up close. My maternal uncle, Late Satish Bhatia, retired chief producer (Light Music), All India Radio, Delhi, and music director, had composed the music of a TV serial called Apna Apna Aasmaan which was to air on Doordarshan in 1992. The singer, who was to record the title song, flew in from Mumbai and reached the recording studio in Daryaganj, Delhi at 11 in the morning. The track was ready.

He needed to learn the melody and record. It would not have taken much time for a professional like him. But no! He had not done his daily because of the early morning flight and would first need to do that. No question of singing or even listening to the composition before that. So, there he sat – inside the studio with the studio harmonium – and began. For three hours he practised, eyes closed, completely focused, oblivious to the people outside who he could have seen through the glass partition had he wanted to. It was a

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