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Beauty Bag
Pillow Beauty Highlighters for all Shades, £9.50, pillowbeauty Make the most of your eyes with these shimmering highlighters. Vegan-friendly, all eyelid skin tones, but you can match them with your complexion for cheekbones, nose and chin. C
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Foods That Contain Vitamin D
Fresh raw salmon: 6.1 micrograms per 130g fillet Pickled (rollmop) herrings: 11.2 micrograms per 70g serving (half a small jar) Canned pink salmon: 7.9 micrograms per 105g small can Canned sardines (in tomato sauce): 4 micrograms per 120g Vit D-enric
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Jazz’s Swimming Tips
• ‘So many people swim at the same pace using the same stroke. Mix things up by swimming at different speeds, incorporating shorter, faster bursts of activity, and introducing a pull buoy or kickboard to work your upper and lower body separately.’ •