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Tell us a little about The Vegetarian Kitchen. Why did you write a vegetarian cookbook?

I’m not a veggie, but I love vegetarian cooking. My Michelin-starred restaurant used to have a separate vegetarian menu, and... it didn’t sell very well anyway! But now it seemed a good idea to write a new book and, as my niece and co-author Peta has never eaten meat, we went ahead and did it.

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Eleanor’s first solo show UnEarthed will be at the Sarah Myerscough Gallery 14th June to 24th July Her work is available from Sarah Myerscough Gallery and Flow Gallery. Small vessels are from £1,000. Large sculptural pieces are up to £20,000. eleanor
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Kitchen Notes
Chef Verity uses leftover skins of fruit and vegetables to dye 100 per cent Irish linen napkins (£28 for two). Colours range from a soft oatmeal using onion skins to a blushing pink from avocado. ‘My best and certainly one
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This chair has been in our family for three generations, however l know little or nothing about it. l would be very grateful if one of your experts could give me some advice. Debbie Ross, Sunderland Your chair is typically Edwardian, with a hint of