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Resources for pre-hunt recon

To help locate potential deer are huge assets, while apps like onX, ScoutLook, HuntStand, Powderhook and others are very useful. Combine these with old-school topographic maps and U.S. Forest Service and BLM maps that show roads, campgrounds, outbuildings and terrain features, and you’ll find productive and unpressured places to hunt across the West.

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Searching For Advice
Like many of you, I learned to fish by going with my grandfather. He didn’t introduce me to fishing—for that I have my father to thank—but he had the luxury of time to make taking his grandsons to a pond, creek or river almost a daily activity. Grand
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A Few Good Tubes
($199.99; Available from Bass Pro Shops and other sources, the Premier Plus II has an inflatable seat and backrest that can be adjusted for comfort. It has an integrated stabilizer bar, a lap apron with 20-inch ruler to corral strip
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In The Clear
The following lures will cover the water from surface to bottom. Major League Fishing and Bass Pro Tour angler Jared Lintner rigs them up whether he’s on the road competing or fishing close to his Arroyo Grande, Calif., home. Lintner labels this frog