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he Air Combat Museum boasts an impressive and growing collection of old iron, including the P-51 Mustang “Worry Bird” featured in this story. This 1944 model saw combat

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Saga of a Survivor: The Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum’s Collection’s Fw 190A-5
The Flying Heritage Collection (FHC) Focke-Wulf (based in Everett, Washington) is a Fw 190A-5 built in April 1943 as part of a batch of 981 aircraft at the F-W factory in Bremen. The FHC aircraft left the factory with the Stammkennzeichen (factory co
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F-35b Lightning II Semper Fi
The three primary F-35 models are the A, B, and C (Israel also has an “I” model). We will be focusing on the Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) B model, which is the Marine Corps primary variant. The Marines are also procuring some aircraft-carrier
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WACO “Super Sport” S3HD
The Super Sport is, in fact, a warbird camouflaged as a sport plane. Previous WACO incursions in military sales were commercial models modified to suit customers’ needs. In the Model D, WACO, at last, had a high-performance biplane designed from the