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Luftwaffe Aces And An Explanation
The validity of the high scores reported by German Fighter pilots is often questioned, so an explanation is in order. Each German claim for the destruction of an enemy aircraft in aerial combat (Abschuss) had to be confirmed by the Oberbefehlshaber d
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Very Rare Iron
When the Second World War ended in Europe on May 8, 1945, Group Captain Aleksander Gabszewicz, the Commanding Officer of No. 131 (Polish) Wing, had been flying combat missions since the beginning of the war when Germany first invaded his home country
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F-35 Variants
The generic land-based and primary variant, with an internal gun. The majority of foreign operators fly the A model (and a few a mix of As and Bs). The Israelis have a specially modified A model with their own gear which was assigned as an I model. T