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very year since 1980, Northern California–based photographer has added to his. This year, they released a new book (Makanna claims it’s his last; we hope not) and two striking calendars that celebrate the flying machines that helped shape World War I and World War II. His numerous accolades, including the International Society for Aviation Photographer’s Lifetime Achievement Award, have not come without bruises. In 2001 the plane from which he was photographing crashed. “That’s just a dream now,” Makanna says. “The airplane was burning, and my pilot was unconscious. I pulled him out and dragged him away. They say that I have title to a small patch of Duxford grass.” Makanna’s exciting new book and 2021 calendars are available from

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Sixty years ago, on May 1, 1961, Antulio Ramirez Ortiz boarded National Airlines Flight 337 in Miami, Fla., for a scheduled trip to Key West. Ortiz, an American citizen born in Puerto Rico, produced a steak knife and a gun and ordered the pilot to fl
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Led by Colonel William “Billy” Mitchell, the U.S. Army Air Service embarked on its first major campaign in September 1918—at the time, the largest air force ever committed to battle—at St. Mihiel, France, presaging the combined-arms assaults to follo
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Marie Marvingt, Fiancée Of Danger
by Rosalie Maggio, McFarland & Company, 2019, $39.95. With so much attention being devoted to women’s achievements lately, it is astonishing that those brought to light in Marie Marvingt, Fiancée of Danger have been virtually forgotten. Nevertheless,