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Y MOM MUST have made hundreds of pies in a hundred different combinations of flavors over the course of her life. She was the queen of the flaky crust. In the summer she used fresh blackberries and cherries for filling. In the fall, sweet raisin, apples, decadent

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Angels On Earth
Angels on Earth, a bimonthly magazine from Guideposts, presents true stories about heavenly angels and humans who have played angelic roles in daily life. Editor-in-Chief Colleen Hughes  Creative Director Kayo Der Sarkissian  Staff Editor Meg Belviso
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Clutter, Be Gone!
STACKS OF MAGAZINES and newspapers, empty cardboard boxes, half-filled trash bags of clothes to be given away. Junk in every corner, nowhere to sit. How had my living room come to this? I stepped over a broken chair, some out-of-season decorations, p
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All of us have been touched by the unique challenges of 2020. As we bid the year goodbye, let’s look forward to a new day with these prayers for hope, healing and renewal at Valentine’s Day is not just for sweethearts! Ce