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◗ SIMPLE TRUTH ORGANIC COCONUT CHIPS – in Smoked Chilli, Salted Caramel, Peruvian Cocoa and French Salt – are a delicious (and healthy) snack. They’re high in fibre and contain no added preservatives. R19.99 (40g); Checkers ◗ FAUXMAGE DAIRY-FREE CA
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Becoming The Queen
Being royal doesn’t come naturally to anyone, as we all know. Claire Foy told Chelsea Handler how she had to relearn everything: how to talk and behave, even how to eat. ‘We have a team of researchers, and we have a guy on the set called Major David,
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Imagine walking into a McDonald’s in Beijing and discovering that, unbeknownst to you, your face is plastered all over the wall in their latest advertising campaign. When this happened to Shubnum Khan in early 2018, she posted a thread on Twitter, s