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The future of design in SOUTH AFRICA

The African Institute of the Interior Design Professions (the IID) is the only professional body representing the interior design industry in Southern Africa and Mauritius. It serves the needs of qualified, practising interior architecture, interior design and interior decorating professionals, as well as education institutions and suppliers that provide services to the interior design industry. The IID is a non-profit organisation that is owned by its members, who are encouraged to be

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The future BATHROOM
COVID-19 has forced us to relook at the way we are going to be living our lives in the future, so we need to turn our homes into havens of comfort and enjoyment. Much of 2020 was spent indoors, what with the COVID-19 lockdown and working from home. M
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The perfect PALETTE
One of the easiest ways to transform your home at minimal expense is to give it a “paint-over”. Go the bold route with a vibrant and colourful colour palette or adopt a more restrained approach with a muted yet sophisticated selection of colours. Eit
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KITCHEN Confidential
The kitchen is the centrepiece of every modern home. And in 2021 its importance to family living is just going to become greater as we all start to embrace the joys and convenience of smart home appliances and intelligent, timeless design. In 2021, t