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Canadair CT-114 Tutor

Rick Trigatti, Grimsby, Ontario

Starting with 3-views, Rick generated CAD plans for his 1/8-scale and first scratch-built jet. His design is a combination of sheeted foam-core and balsa- and lite-ply structures and is finished with polyester dress liner sealed with water-based polyurethane. The tail cone and gear doors are fiberglass, and the canopy and nose cone dome are vacuum-formed. Rick painted his

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Pro-am Sport Prop Class
Built from Jerry Bates plans, Michael’s ¼-scale Dauntless has a 124-inch wingspan, is 100 inches long and weighs in at 90 pounds. Powered by a Moki 300 radial gas engine turning a 32x18 propeller, the Dauntless is equipped with Scale Sierra landing g
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Electric Ducted Fan (edf) Class
Starting life as a Freewing AL37 Airliner, Marvin’s 1/19-scale PA-8 Poseidon has a 72-inch span and weighs 8 pounds. Powered by two 70mm Electric ducted fan units and is controlled with a Jeti radio. Marvin earned a final score of 97.750. Ali’s 1/12-
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Hobby Hacks
When you have to make long, straight cuts in balsa sheeting, like when you repair wings, your ruler can slip and ruin the cut, or worse, injure yourself. A simple trick is to use a suitably long sanding bar. I attach the sandpaper so one edge is clea