nce you’ve cruised along to the Love channel just above the clouds or kept track of your favorite team as you make flight tracks toward home, you may wonder how you ever whiled away the hours at altitude before there was in-cockpit radio—well, after briefing the approach to come and keeping tabs on the waypoints under your wing. Some of us remember days when we were lucky to tune in a ballgame on the ADF receiver, but that’s no longer an option in most of the US now. That’s OK, even if your flight deck isn’t so blessed with a satellite-weather-and-radio subscription. We have the  (retail price: $149.99). You can take it along to listen to in the hangar and the car, to seamlessly carry your favorites with you. Setup takes a bit of back and forth—you need both a clear sky and a Wi-Fi connection to do the trick—but once it’s set, you’re good to go.

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