Moment of Decision

pretty cushy work most days, particularly at the major US carriers, with largely reliable aircraft, a fairly robust support network, and nearly universal procedures that keep everyone on roughly the same page. Most airline pilots, by temperament and long experience, are perfectly content with the atmosphere of ordered boredom that normally reigns on the flight deck. There are, indeed, very few situations that require the Sully-esque nerves of steel and lightning-quick reflexes with which our species is sometimes credited. These attributes are in fact actively discouraged thanks to a long and distinguished history of airline pilots creating emergencies out of benign situations through overly hasty action. There’s an idiosyncratic phrase in common usage at my airline: “Wind the clock!” It refers to old timepieces that needed daily winding, and the idea is that, in most situations, a captain should be calm and collected enough to reach into their flight kit, fetch their trusty gold pocket watch, and leisurely begin winding

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Mooney Under New Ownership
When the good news came in September 2020 that Mooney Aircraft had survived yet another downturn, and it would be resurrected under new ownership, pilots and owners of the speedy piston singles remained skeptical as to whether this time the company c
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Bittersweet Goodbye
On a sunny August afternoon in New York City, an Airbus A330 landed on Runway 31R at John F. Kennedy International Airport. It appeared to be a perfectly normal flight, noteworthy only in the era of COVID-19 for having been one of relatively few airp
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Model Lineage
The CT series is named for the “composite technology” that forms its basis. It began its career in the late 1990s with the CT and CT2K approved as microlights in Europe. The first CTs were approved as S-LSAs in the US in 2005. “We had a small group o