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Colour Me Pretty
There’s a reason why tie-dye kits are under the bestseller section on popular e-commerce platforms during this lockdown. It is totally beating all the other DIY activities/games, and why not, since which other task will upgrade your boring old sweat
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Legally Beautiful
Aishwarya Mulay, born and brought up in Nashik, did her schooling from a boarding school which made her very independent and sociable. She always admired her teachers and aspired to become one. “I have always believed that the profession of a teacher
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Sparkle ’n Shine
FOUNDER, CHAOTIQ BY ARTI Arti Chadha, founder at Chaotiq By Arti, is a passionate and ambitiondriven person. She is someone who is confident in her ability to produce, and she always prepares for the worst. “Like any girl, I was very fascinated with