any people face different forms of hardships through childhood. Most only think about themselves and their families and look at ways to ensure those hardships don’t arise again for themselves or their children. Although some look at the society as a whole, and ways to ensure the difficulties

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Glittering Shades Of Blue
What: Celestial Affairs Collection by RK Jewellers What we liked: Blue is considered the shade of trust and opportunity and this stunning range unites the best of the various universes of blue. The collection includes the greenish-blue shaded bangle
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Legally Beautiful
Aishwarya Mulay, born and brought up in Nashik, did her schooling from a boarding school which made her very independent and sociable. She always admired her teachers and aspired to become one. “I have always believed that the profession of a teacher
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Sparkle ’n Shine
FOUNDER, CHAOTIQ BY ARTI Arti Chadha, founder at Chaotiq By Arti, is a passionate and ambitiondriven person. She is someone who is confident in her ability to produce, and she always prepares for the worst. “Like any girl, I was very fascinated with