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Saving the planet with peat-free potting

The danger for the environment with Monty’s approach [to ban peat] (, November issue) is that it will make gardening less accessible for the new and inexperienced gardener. That will have the effect of them stopping gardening to find an easier

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Endless riches present themselves when we’re looking for plants for our own shady spots. Plants we may use vary in the amount of light they receive and correspondingly the degree of shade they will experience. Coming down from the canopy, less and le
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Grow lavender from plugs to make a low hedge, edge a border or plant in any sunny spot. They’ll add colour and scent, as well as attracting bees and other pollinators. Plugs are a great way of bypassing the fiddly propagation stage, and the young pla
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Container Pond
Even the smallest pond will transform your garden – it blows my mind to see the wildlife that arrives when you make one. I have wonderful memories of investigating the dipping tanks my nan made from old Belfast sinks in her garden – I spent hours try