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What Jaime Harrison Wants Democrats to Do Now

The former Senate candidate from South Carolina wants to be DNC chair, and he won’t support defunding the police.
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Two weeks ago, when I wrote that Jaime Harrison was poised to be the next chair of the Democratic National Committee, there were two main responses: excitement from his supporters and eye-rolling “Looks like he’s failing upward” tweets from his detractors. Harrison became a nationally known Democrat over the course of his year-long run against Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. He raised the most money of any Senate candidate in history, but, come November 3, he lost his race by more than 10 points—the biggest margin of defeat for any of the challengers Democrats had real hopes for this year.

Now, in addition to hoping that President-elect Joe Biden asks him to be DNC chair, Harrison has formed what he’s calling the Dirt Road PAC, inspired by a man he met early on in his campaign whom he later immortalized. In the spot, Harrison tells voters that the man told him he wasn’t engaged in politics, because politics had never done as

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