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Q My therapist called me to tell me she was unwell and couldn’t see me that day. I was disappointed as I needed the session. Later that day, I saw her shopping. I know she saw me but I didn’t say anything. I feel really hurt and I’m thinking of seein
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3 Ways To... Help Dry Eyes
‘The effect of central heating can be mitigated by their use,’ says GP Dr Hilary Jones, ambassador for health and hygiene specialists, The Body Doctor. Looking at a computer reduces your eye’s blink rate by 66%. So, each blink is less efficient in ke
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Washing your hair can add up to a sizeable carbon footprint; if a quarter of the UK skipped one hair wash a week, it could save 98,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year – that’s the equivalent of planting 16 million trees*. If you can spread out your wa