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This is the season of hope, dreams and visions. This is the season of the seed catalogue. The spirit of cheery optimism floods the brain. In my mind’s eye, I see trim lines of frothy lettuces; fine, upstanding broad beans; the leaves of courgettes spreading like green umbrellas with yellow flowers flaming beneath them; feathery carrot tops; glossy beetroot leaves; sturdy turnips and elegant dandyish pea shoots curling this way and that. There’s room for radishes and onions, french beans and

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Coming HOME
Having spent almost 20 years living happily in America, English couple Tracy and James Verrier started to yearn for their homeland. “We were living in Michigan, and the original plan was to retire to South Carolina, but the more we came back to the U
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Selecting Materials
Whilst choice of material for a sculpture is often a matter of taste, each option has its own merits “Choosing a sculpture is very subjective. It depends on what kind of style and material you like,” says Andrew Illingworth of online sculpture suppl
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Expert Advice On Choosing Colours
“Before choosing a white, it’s important to select the style you wish to create before you begin. Understanding how the nuances in different whites and soft neutrals behave in different light settings is also key. Remember that ambient light changes