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WE’RE stone-cold amateurs with limited coinage so it would be naïve to assume that our first season as market gardeners would be flawless. An unseasonably warm winter growing large quantities of vegies in virgin beds with just us, two wheelbarrows and assorted shovels led us down a bumpy road . . . unsurprisingly. However, 30 families placed their faith in our ability to come up with the goods so we just had to make it happen.

In the past, we

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DRIVING through the countryside, I feel a contented familiarity here. Although I haven’t visited for years, it’s the same paddocks rolling by that I would have scanned with a child’s eyes. The same warm sun gently lulling thoughts into a contented wa
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The Broody Hen
A hen that is broody (clucky) will display a variety of behaviours. This includes: not leaving the nest, bad temperedness, not roosting at night, sitting staying in the nesting box, pecking you and even flying at you when you try to remove eggs, and
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Earth Mail
Hi team at EG, Well I have taken a big plunge into another chapter of my life. I’ve found a smaller property in a village on the Fraser coast of Queensland. Hopefully I won’t have to chop wood any more. I am just realising how emotionally attached I