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ão Paulo, Brazil–born Alice Braga always knew she wanted to act. “I grew up on a movie set,” she says, following in the footsteps of her mother, Ana, and aunt, Sônia, who are both Brazilian actors. “What I most loved in life was the arts, and my passion for acting came from that.” Her breakout role was as Angélica in Fernando Meirelles’ Oscar-nominated , a visceral film depicting the pulsating, blood-soaked streets of one of Rio de Janeiro’s toughest . “That’s when everything clicked,” she says. Since then, Braga has gone on to star in several notable Hollywood productions, such as , , and , and has even branched out into the superhero film franchises. After three years on the shelf, X-Men–adjacent film finally saw its release this year, and the DC Comics antihero ensemble movie , in which Braga plays South American revolutionary Sol Soria, is slated for release next summer.

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