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n 2016, invited Alex Da Corte to work on a special project for its 18th issue. The American conceptual artist presented a. Each spread acted like a mirror between two similarly-collaged compositions, invoking conflicting and unnerving feelings in the viewer.

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MIND to Body
When Alice Pagani introduced herself to director Andrea De Sica at her audition for Baby, the hit Netflix teen drama in which she plays lead Ludovica Storti, she ended up flat on her face. “I wanted to be brave, but I was so embarrassed that I trippe
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Breaking THROUGH
In Cité Internationale des Arts’ austere and derelict modernist building in Paris, which sits beside the perfectly squared French garden of the Hôtel de Sens, Bianca Bondi set up vases and amphora-like vessels in a small sink in the corner of a wet r
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Menelik PURYEAR PHOTOGRAPHER “Off Site” “We really wanted to work on something that captured the urban diaspora to the country and the new relaxed sense of the city.” David THIELEBEULE STYLIST “Off Site” “This story celebrates originality. Why not we