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Time and time again, JAIME AUGUSTO ZOBEL DE AYALA has proven that the key role private companies must fulfill in a crisis is not to maintain the bottom line but to uphold compassion.

From the outset of the pandemic in the Philippines back in March, many business conglomerates led impressive initiatives that protected the welfare of their employees as well as other stakeholders. From extending full-pay while at home to other forms of financial support, business giants were quick to establish a sense of security within the looming threat of the virus. But there was something unique about Ayala Corporation’s approach to their COVID-19 response. In an official statement, Jaime Zobel de Ayala shared that, “We are reminded of both the resilience and humanity of our employees. They, in turn, reminded us to be true to our most important values while contributing to making the best out of a difficult situation.” This he shares in reference to the countless workers that continue to work in the frontlines of the pandemic. There is a warm sense of humanity in the way Ayala has responded to the crisis, a humanity that stems from the core values of their leadership.

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