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Artist, Sculptor

A looming name in the contemporary art scene, Ramon Orlina’s Museo Orlina is one of those must-see places to visit when things have gotten back to normal (or as normal as possible). 2020 saw him having to close his studio for three months, but which he spent as productively as possible by walking and boxing. After reopening, the hope is to expand public displays at his Tagaytay space.


Why is art so important? With its influence, it's ability to break barriers, its role as a harbinger of cultural appreciation, its inherent way of making the viewer think above the is of no surprise that art remains and important part of the world we live in.


Artist, Painting

A leading figure in South-East Asian Contemporary Art, Ronald Ventura is a master at intricate paintings and multimedia that combine with history and pop culture for a visually satisfying feast. Despite the pandemic, Ventura showed with BenCab on a collaborative show at Ortigas’ Secret Fresh Gallery, a show that was a departure from the idea of art as coming from the mind of one master.


Salcedo Auctions

Salcedo Auctions shows no signs of stopping. Their first online auction since ECQ was imposed took place in April, with Romulo Galicano’s The Wrath of God selling for a cool 4,000,000 PHP. Proceeds went to the purchase of PPEs for hospitals. The thirst for art has not abated in this country.


Artist, Painting

Known for his surrealist works in the Japanese style, Andres Barrioquinto is one of the most in-demand contemporary artists, with a star showing at Leon Gallery's "Magnificent September” Auction. His ”Human Behavior Series” showcased his masterful techniques of using fantastical inspirations grounded in portraits.


Leon Gallery

It is commonly accepted that the art world is one that tends to stay above the fray when industries are crashing; after all, art auctions in 2008 after the recession still sold pieces at record prices. So it isn't a surprise that for Jaime Ponce de Leon, it is business as usual, with auctions continuing, albeit in a different format. Leon Gallery's year-end auction "Kingly Treasures" featured highlights by Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo, Fabian de la Rosa, and Fernando Amorsolo. In his auction notes, Ponce de Leon wrote that this auction would cap off an unforgettable year. “I find myself in awe at the events that have made this year one of the most unforgettable. I can only describe it as a year of changes: Changes in the way we view art as well as changes in the manner to make it accessible.”


The automative industry is one that was certainly not immune to the adverse effects of the pandemic this year. Yet, many inspiring stories have come out from leaders that have been maneuvering the industry to new technological and digital means that not only keep the motoring world thriving but also advancing the country’s name on the world stage.


President, Auto Nation Group, Inc


After a celebratory year in 2019, marking 30 years since founding CATS Motors, it was then declared that 2020 be the beginning of a new chapter for the company entering its next 30. Although this year undoubtedly presented challenges never before seen, the deep bonds of family that runs within the company is sure to provide stability for CATS. This is seen in Felix’ son Frankie who, through his own merit, has earned his role as COO of Auto Nation Group. With the company’s focus on digital platforms and technologies along with an always impressive portfolio of car brands, Felix has made a seemingly challenging year into one

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