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“Hey Friends, Any Room For Me?”


sing an H pencil and a good quality sketchpad (110g or over) plus any reference photographs I need, I begin to draw. The preliminary drawing is always exciting as finally all of the elements come together. I usually do a “rough idea” on my sketchpad to ensure I am happy with the composition. I

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Artist's Drawing and Inspiration4 mnt membaca
My Source Of Complete Escape
I was born in Melbourne in 1945 and I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t willing to spend time with a pencil my . I a drawing competition and won a place to further my drawing skills. At the time I was unable to take this up but kept up with drawing
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Back To School And University
Chroma makes a number of well-known and respected paint brands ideal for art students of all levels and on any budget. Names like Chromacryl, A2, Atelier and Jo Sonja’s are synonymous with quality and value among Australian artists. Chroma paints are
Artist's Drawing and Inspiration4 mnt membaca
Balu is a piece I was asked to do by a friend in Germany and was completed at a size of 14 x 11 inches. My friend sent me many photos via email, and I picked the one I thought was best, showing some personality and capturing the intensity of his eyes