Artist's Palette

Flooded Gum


• Canvas 450 x 910 mm.
• Artists’ quality acrylic paints.
• Various brushes.
• Spatular.
• Matisse Gel Medium 4.

During the summer months in the hinterland State forests around Pomona on Queensland’s Sunshine

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Master Hints And Tips
• Be passionate about your subject. • Observation is the key to a successful painting. • The larger the area painted, the larger the brush required. • Put your work on a vertical surface to view it. Balance and tonal contrast can be more easily ident
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Lifelong Passion
My name is Michael Jones. To my friends and throughout my life I was always (and probably always will be) ‘Jonesy’. In the immortal words of Spike Milligan, “I was born at an early age.” My birthplace was Macclesfield, Cheshire, in the North West of
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Inspiring People
Bloomfield in North Queensland is where I live. It is a long way from Birmingham in England where I was born. I grew up in Northern Ireland at a place called Carrickfergus – that was where my parents came from, and they returned there in 1958. I met