Lending a Hand

rotorcraft pilot’s work is never done, it seems. With so many applications and in recent years, they have tackled jobs such as flying buckets of concrete for a ski lift to the top of Washington’s Crystal Mountain near Mount Rainier, placing HVAC equipment on the tops of buildings in downtown Chicago using 100- and 200-foot lines, and working to save homes during fire season in the Pacific Northwest (above). Looking for an aviation challenge and a solid career path? A new world awaits.

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Louisville ILS or LOC Runway 17L
If you enjoy watching airplanes, especially any of the quickly declining global fleet of jumbo jets, Muhammad Ali International—the old Standiford Field (KSDF)—in Louisville, Kentucky, is an excellent place. The home of UPS, KSDF offers the opportuni
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Sudden Surprise Trouble
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Flight Design F2 Specs:
Engine: Rotax 912iS Horsepower: 100 hp Propeller: Neuform three-blade CR3 65-inch composite Seats: 2 Empty weight: 835 lb. Max gross weight: 1,320 lb./US LSA limitations Fuel capacity: 34.3 gal.; approved for premium automotive unleaded, as well as 9