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Rhoda Meek, director of Isle20: “There’s a great opportunity in 2021 for island creatives and producers and businesses to really innovate and capitalise on their creativity. We need to Covid-proof

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Types Of Meadows
Meadows come in many forms. Plantlife’s botanical specialist Dr Trevor Dines has divided them into six simple categories: Mainly found in warm, dry, lowland areas, often with sandy soils. Often found in the South Downs and home to a huge variety of
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Aspen In Battle And Boats
Aspen wood is lightweight, pale and strong. The word ‘aspen’ comes from the Greek ‘aspis’, meaning shield, and the wood was traditionally used in the British Isles to make shields, oars and paddles. Twigs and branches of aspen wood were used for arro
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150 Years Of Bank Holidays
On 26 May 1871 Parliament passed the Bank Holidays Act, creating four annual bank holidays (five in Scotland). On 29 May 1871, the first bank holiday was held on Whit Monday. This year’s May bank holidays fall on 3 and 31 May. ■