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A GENT (LESS) provocateur
Michaela Coel is a force to be reckoned with. The 33-year-old has shaken up the entertainment industry as showrunner of the genre-twisting, acutely unsettling series I May Destroy You. But provocative as she is, the British star isn’t interested in s
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THE uncertainty we’ve all felt in the past year has left many of us feeling rudderless. A mentor can provide guidance and be a calming presence during such a difficult time. Santam suggests three types of mentor-ship that could benefit your business:
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Stages Of Parkinson’s
STAGE 1: Mild symptoms that don’t interfere with daily life become apparent. Tremor or stiffness affects one side of the body only. You may notice changes in posture, walking and facial expression. STAGE 2: The symptoms worsen. Tremor, rigidity and