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Saturday, February 27
A PEDIATRICIAN AND I COAUTHORED a book about birth and a baby’s first year. In my research, I found a little paperback titled, What’s In a Name? It was full of baby names and their meanings. The preface urged future parents to be prayerful about sele
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Tuesday, January 26
WHEN PAUL AND SILAS TOLD the people of Philippi about Jesus, they had a strange encounter with a woman who followed them and shouted affirmations. At first, it sounds like a little fan club of one. Yes, it may have been disruptive, but her intentions
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Valentine’s Day, Sunday, February 14
WHEN MY HUSBAND, SCOTT, AND I were first married, we lived in a cute fourplex. Some of our neighbors discovered an antique steamer trunk while cleaning out their garage. Inside was a large packet of early 1900s love letters with Norwegian and Califor