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THE GOSPEL OF JESUS IS simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. As Luke records, Jesus said we must be willing to give up our

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Friday, February 26
PEACE, BE STILL. I’VE THOUGHT about tattooing this on my forehead. But then, helpful as it might be to others, I wouldn’t see it. And I need to see it—one hundred times a day. Although I’ve got this body that doesn’t care much for movement, my mind n
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Friday, February 12
I CAN’T REMEMBER WHEN I first realized that Jesus expects us to love as He does—unconditionally, extravagantly, audaciously. It was probably a thought floating somewhere within the pool of information I’d been introduced to in Sunday school and then
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Tuesday, January 12
WE’RE WATCHING OUR YOUNGEST SON and his wife prepare for the arrival of their first child, our sixth grandchild. It’s been eleven years since we’ve had a newborn in the family. Most days, I manage my exuberance fairly well. Somedays I can’t. Like tod