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The Grail Of Trail
You tend to remember the exact moment when the impossible becomes possible. One such moment happened for me on 25 September, 2009 when – during the Southern Storm Adventure Race – the iconic five-day Otter Trail hiking route was first attempted as a
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Flowery Facts
Adding flowers to your salad means you’re part of a tradition stretching back over 2 150 years. The Ancient Romans used calendula in their salads and feasted on meals containing violets and roses. Khoisan population distribution was largely dictated
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Motoring Match-up
In summary, the hype around the launch of the new icon was not unwarranted. While paying tribute to its heritage, the new Defender is groundbreaking in every way. It is costly, though. 177kW @ 4 000r/min 500Nm @ 1 500–2 500r/min Service plan Five-y