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A little enthusiasm goes a heck of a long way. Not just when it comes to seeing a restoration through to completion – that goes without saying – but also when you’re talking to a jaded motoring hack about your vehicle. Believe it or not, there are times it feels like pulling teeth when compiling the info to write these features. Sure, not everyone has the gift of the gab, but if you can’t muster the enthusiasm to wax lyrical about your VW, or the one you’ve just restored for someone else, well it stands to reason that it will make for a dull telephone conversation and feature, doesn’t it? Blood from a stone anyone? Picking peanuts out of pooh? You get the drift.

Obviously we’re not about to say that about Amanda Webb. No sir. The complete polar opposite in fact, as we came off the blower to Amanda thinking: “Blimey. This is why we’re into VWs and love the scene

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