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The Type 25 is an unfortunate beast. For the last decade and then some, we’ve been banging the drum for them and saying how their time has finally come, but in actual fact it would appear to have been and gone. If you blinked you probably missed it. The problem is they’re still just too darn modern for those who want to keep their camping old school but still too quirky (and often rusty) for those who want the ease and performance of a reliable go anywhere, anytime water-cooled Bus. So if it’s a case horses for courses and Splits and Bays for one camp and T5s and T6s for the other, when does this donkey get to fly? Where exactly does that leave the third generation Transporter? We’d argue it’s

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Karmann Quality
There can hardly be a VW enthusiast who is not familiar with the name Karmann. During a long, car-based relationship with Wolfsburg, the Osnabrück coachbuilding company has produced most of VW’s convertibles, with their beautifully constructed hoods,
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A little enthusiasm goes a heck of a long way. Not just when it comes to seeing a restoration through to completion – that goes without saying – but also when you’re talking to a jaded motoring hack about your vehicle. Believe it or not, there are ti
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VW Camper & Bus
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