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Keeping kids busy

rts, crafts, baking, or experiments are all great ways to keep your young ones engaged, challenged, and occupied while away from school and the chilly outdoors. It’s also a fantastic way to remind kids of

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Jayne Gottlieb
Why is yoga beneficial? “The list of how and why yoga is beneficial is truly endless, but to name a few top reasons… yoga strengthens, stabilizes, and restores the body and helps in everything we do off of our mats. It resets the nervous system from
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Yoga Gear
This natural rubber mat has several layers with a grippy top layer and polyurethane layer to help avoid slipping and absorb excess moisture. $68 This dense foam block is both durable and supportive. Three different side heights assist you depending o
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The Power Of Exercise
Start small, be consistent, and remove as many obstacles as possible. Great advice! Fitness expert Emilee Jones says that it’s important to find a form of exercise that you enjoy. “Something as small as 15-20 minutes of focused daily movement five da