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Christina Anderson

f Christina Anderson, founder of Christina Anderson Counseling & Art Therapy, could encourage us to do one thing this year—it would be to tap into our creativity more. In Anderson’s world of art and exploration, she works

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Holistic Healing
Most beauty brands aren’t born out of tragedy. Zents was. After spending a year and a half in the hospital for severe car-crash-induced brain injuries, Boulder native and Zents founder Cord Coen travelled to India for healing, regained his sense of s
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No-fuss Fashions
Global businesswoman, television executive, and fashion aficionado Marla Wynne Ginsburg has traveled and worked all over the world. Ginsburg’s stunning ready-to-wear clothing line renders a leisurely yet high-end design—and is the next evolution in h
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The Finesse Of Wonder Press
Boulder-based juice bar Wonder Press recently expanded from Pearl Street to Platte Street, and is now nestled amongst a small mecca of Denver health food shops. The eatery crafts a myriad of snacks and cold-pressed juices, including a collection of c