The English Home

The beauty OF BESPOKE

There really is no end to the advantages of choosing custom pieces rather than standardised, off-the-peg furnishings. Bespoke solutions are, by their very nature, unique, and can be created using unusual materials, colours or patterns to offer a striking visual style that stands out from the everyday.

Specially designed furniture and furnishings can be crafted to blend in seamlessly with their surroundings, matching architectural features and proportions as if they had been part of the property from the start. In addition to which, they make the most of every inch of space, whether it be from wall to wall or floor to ceiling, and can accommodate wonky walls, asymmetrical rooms, sloping ceilings and odd layouts.

In small rooms bespoke storage can help conceal clutter, provide display options and give the impression of additional space, while in very large rooms bespoke pieces can either play up the grandeur or help create more intimacy.

Going bespoke is, quite simply, a tremendously valuable tool that should be considered as part of every design project.

Drawing room by Sims Hilditch

“This heritage property was once

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