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I have just drawn three oblongs on a blank page in my gardening diary. I call it a diary, but, in truth it’s more a set of random jottings with dates attached. Be that as it may, those three oblongs are signs of hope, of the future, of the cheery optimism that must flower in the bosom of every vegetable grower. Each one represents a bed to be seeded at the appropriate time in the growing season to come.

To be honest, just at the

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Like the accessories that add the finishing touches to a room in the house, a piece of sculpture for the garden is the perfect way to enhance an outdoor space. Prices vary considerably, depending on whether the piece is bespoke or bought off the peg,
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Framing The View
Repairing, draught-proofing or replacing wooden sash and casement windows not only adds charm and character to period properties, it also addresses needs such as structural issues and worn components, which in turn impact on energy efficiency and noi
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Style Inspiration
Adding a flash of colour to a scheme is often the missing piece of the puzzle. Many designers will suggest this colour be red – much like adding a classic red lip as a final touch to a made-up face. Red draws the eye, and adds drama and character, as