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Destination Style: Palm Cove, Qld
Nestled between rainforests and reefs, and just 30 minutes drive north of Cairns, time slows in this glamorous seaside village. Earning its name from the trees that fringe its coastline, Palm Cove is home to beachfront luxury resorts, gourmet dining,
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Homemade With Love
Makes 4-5 small jars 1kg berries (we used raspberries) 1.5kg sugar 1 tsp tartaric acid 1. Place berries and sugar in a large pot. Bring to boil, then boil exactly 5 minutes. Add tartaric acid. Boil exactly 5 minutes. 2. Pour into warm, sterilised jar
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Unsung Icons: burglar Alarms
There exists today technology whereby you can see who is at your door without even being on the premises. Naturally, it involves cameras because heaven forbid in 2021 we are neither watching a screen nor appearing on one. Before we delve into how far