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Happy New Year Everyone!

We made it through one of the most memorable years in current history and if you’re like me, you are looking forward to 2021. As I turned my thoughts inward for a time making on the leather community? What more can we do? How can we add value to the lives of those in the industry? What do our subscribers love? What do they need? These questions, along with the natural tendencies to make changes that come along with the new year, have me excited to announce a few changes to

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The historic Pepperell Mill, situated along the Androscoggin River in Lewiston, Maine, is a monumental testimony to America’s bustling 19th century manufacturing era. Built in 1876, the brick behemoth first functioned as a bleachery and dye works for
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• Wing Dividers• Lacing Chisel• Lacing Needle• Maul for punching holes• Lace (Trevor is using 3/16" Kangaroo Lace from Y-Knot Lace) *Note: You will need approximately 6 times the size of your project in lace• Saddle Soap Prepare the lace by coating i
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NEW SUBSCRIBERS WANTED. Now is the time to renew and see what you have been missing! Give us a call at (435) 565-6052, e-mail: or visit WANTED: Campbell-Randall sewing machine. 586-615-2777 CLASSIFIEDS A