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Sweet Potato Fritters

HAD JUST WRAPPED up frying a few batches of battered shrimp, and as my hand reached out to shut off the burner under the oil, I paused and thought, is there anything else in my refrigerator to fry? (We test cooks are a strange breed.) As I held the refrigerator door open, I briefly considered the cookie dough on the second shelf before training my eyes on a more promising ingredient:

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FRUIT, SUGAR, AND not much else: A great strawberry compote should be as simple as that. But with so few ingredients, each one has to be treated with care. For my recipe to be successful—clear strawberry flavor and a pleasantly chunky consistency—I n
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Cheeseburger Mac and Cheese
WHEN I WAS a kid, no meal ever made me as happy as macaroni and cheese did. As an adult, I still hold a place in my heart for mac and cheese alongside one of my other all-time favorites: cheeseburgers. I set out to combine the two in a one-pot meal.