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Corned Beef Hash

ASHES, OR MEALS made from ingredients that are chopped up and cooked in a skillet, have been around forever. One common version found across the United States, corned beef hash, rose to popularity in New England during the 19th century. Home cooks made it with ingredients left over from big boiled dinners of corned beef, potatoes, and cabbage (see “The American Table”). By the mid-20th century, it was also a canned-goods

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FIRST THINGS FIRST: Slugburgers contain no garden slugs. Instead, they are made from ground pork and named for the original Depression-era price charged in Corinth, Mississippi, for them: five cents. A nickel. Aka a “slug” (see “Burgers Born of Thrif
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Cucumber-Ginger Salad
CUCUMBER AND GINGER are at the top of the list of refreshing, palate-cleansing ingredients. So why not combine them in a cooling salad? In the test kitchen, we know that once mixed with a salty dressing, cucumbers give up some liquid that dilutes the
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Mana’eesh Za’atar (Za’atar Flatbreads)
FLATBREADS PLAY A vital role in many Middle Eastern cuisines, often served alongside full meals or as vehicles for dips or pools of fragrant extra-virgin olive oil. In Lebanon, mana’eesh are found both as a street food and as a specialty of dedicated