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have built countless RC models, from kits, plans and even my own scratch designs. For the most part, building an RC model is a lot easier than most beginners might think. If you have assembled a few ARFs in the past however, you’ll have the basic knowledge of how things go together so by choosing a simpler design to start with, you’ll do just

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The Man Behind The Camera
For several years, Model Airplane News has covered a plethora of RC events, and many have something in common: the amazing photography of our longtime contributor David Hart. Articles like this issue’s Top Gun coverage would not be possible without D
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It’s All In The Details
Static judging this year was handled by a single, four-man team evaluating all the entries requiring judging. This task has been managed by two separate teams, but the smaller number of entries due to Covid-19 concerns meant that the number of judges
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Aileron/rudder Mixing Explained
As the name implies, adverse yaw is an adverse or unfavorable condition that, among other things, delays achieving solo abilities. Traditionally, until his or her skills improve, struggling and committing to many hours of practice before soloing has